School Hall Projection

School Hall Projection Systems from Sound Innovations

Projection is the best form of display in a school hall.  When we visit your site, we assess all of the factors below to help you decide what projection solution best suits your school hall.

Light pollution in your school hall

There are no projectors that can bypass the brightness of the sun. If your space lets in a large amount of natural light, this can drown out any projector. But there are often solutions to excessive light pollution. For example, fitting blinds in the windows that cast light into the projection area, or changing the orientation of the presentation to another wall in the School Hall. Once we have assessed the light pollution in your school hall, we can figure out how powerful your projector will need to be.

How bright should your projector be?

The brightness of a projector is measured in Lumens. School Halls require over 5000 Lumens to allow for ambient light. This is important because you don’t want your hall to be in complete darkness for every school assembly.

What sized projector does my school hall need?

The main factor is whether the text can be easily read from the back of the hall. If the students can’t read text or understand your presentation from the back quarter of the hall, then your projection is too small.

We will assess how big your projector should be, based on the size of your school hall.

Projection Screens for your School Hall

Projection screens are available in many different sizes and formats. When considering upgrading or fitting a new system, you should ensure you are getting the correct aspect ratio. Most modern media is now in 16:9, so try to avoid the 4:3 ratio that was originally used. Electric projection screens deploy via a toggle switch and remote control.

In contrast, manual screens have to be pulled down by hand. Manual projection screens often have a shorter life because their mechanisms are outdated. You can also use specially prepared walls as projection screens if you’d rather not have a separate one installed.

How we service Projection SystemsBenQ Laser Projector for School Halls

If you have a projector that is suspended from a high ceiling, servicing these yourself can be an issue. We offer maintenance services from staff who have been trained to work at this height. If you have a traditional lamp-based projector it should be maintained annually, because the lamps wear out and need to be replaced regularly. You will know if your lamp needs replacing because the image will have dimmed. Do not leave it until it no longer functions, as this can cause lasting damage!

Laser Projectors

We install laser projectors on the majority of sites. Laser projectors do not have a traditional lamp. Instead, they use a laser diode as their light source. They are usually rated to last 55,000 hours but have been known to exceed 62,000 hours, meaning they’re a lasting and worthy investment. Laser diodes are not replaceable, so they come sealed for protection against dust. A laser projector has a recommended full-service cycle of 5 years depending on its environment. This means that they are often more economical in the long term than traditional lamp-based projectors.

If you want to know more or would like to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.