School Lockdown Training Videos

If you’ve had an ALAS School Lockdown system installed by us, then the training videos below will give you all the know-how you need to get the most out of your system. If after viewing these videos you’re still stuck in a rut, get in touch with us for technical support. We can visit you to clarify anything that you’re struggling with, and make sure that everything is in proper working order.

You should show many teachers as possible how to use your ALAS system. This way, they will be properly prepared to deal with a security risk. As a result, drills will run more smoothly, ensuring all of your pupils are as safe as possible.

But your ALAS system isn’t just for emergencies. The videos below will show you how our system can replace both a traditional school bell, and a PA system.

ALAS School Lockdown System product information video

Find out more about our original ALAS system, and how it could benefit your school. Interested in having on installed in your school? Contact us today for a quote, and check out our full product page.

How to activate your ALAS School Lockdown Alert System

Find out how to activate your ALAS system in an emergency. School lockdown training is crucial for staff. All teachers should know how to properly use the system, so that any security risks are flagged up as quickly as possible.

Using the ALAS PA Microphone

Our ALAS system isn’t just for emergency use. The PA Microphone can broadcast important announcements across the school at any time. Find out how to use the built-in PA microphone, below.

How to set session changes in ALAS

As well as doubling as a PA system, ALAS can function as a session change bell.

Activate a wet break message in ALAS

ALAS can complete all of the functions of a traditional school bell, including sending a wet break message to students.