School Sound, Lighting & AV Specialists

Sound Innovations is a specialist provider of school sound, lighting and AV services.

School Bell PA System

One of our most popular products is our market-leading School Bell System. School Bell is a PA system, which uses music, zones, and timers. These features can be fully customized to suit your school’s timetable and classroom changes.

School Lock-Down Security Systems

Another popular feature of School Bell is its three-tier lock-down system, which caters to every level of security threat. This lock-down system conforms to the UK government’s anti-terrorism guidelines. Another school security solution we have innovated is our ALAS Lock Down Alert System. ALAS meets guidelines for dynamic lock-down procedures issued by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, and guidelines set out by local authorities. We have been providing lock-down solutions to schools for over 7 years.

The key difference between School Bell and ALAS is the custom capabilities of School Bell. Because this system uses different ‘zones’, alerts or announcements can be given out in different areas of the school. In contrast, ALAS doesn’t use zones, so lock-down alerts can only be given out across the whole school. To learn more about the systems’ different capabilities, visit their respective pages or contact us.

Visual displays

Our team also has extensive experience in creating unique visual displays. For example, we have transformed sports halls into spectacular, easy to useĀ immersion rooms. These immersion rooms have been beneficial to schools that cater to special education needs.

If you are in need of new visual equipment for your classrooms, we can install interactive touchscreens. As with any technology, visual displays can become faulty over time. Whether your existing visual display has been installed by us or not, we will be happy to service it. For an example of our swift and high-quality servicing, see our recent blog post about a video wall we serviced in a Manchester school.

School Hall Lighting

Additionally, we provide unique lighting solutions, controlled by the user-friendly interface of iPads. This could help your school plays to look as professional as a theatre production while keeping your lighting easy and accessible to use.

School Hall Sound Systems

We also install high-quality sound systems, that are easy for both teachers and pupils alike to use. If you wish to incorporate your sound system into GCSE drama examinations, we can meet with your Head of Department, to make sure all equipment meets all requirements.

School Staging

Because of our wide range of suppliers, we are also able to install staging in schools, for both outdoor and indoor use. The staging we provide is anti-slip, and is lightweight as well as being very durable.

Installation, Training, and Continued Technical Support

We will fully support your school, through from equipment installation, to training staff, to servicing equipment over time. You can find out more about how we look after our customers on our support page.

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