Wireless Presentation

Wireless presentation, with no need for cables, couldn’t be easier in this day and age. Presentation software has become more versatile and networks have improved in quality.

We can offer a couple of different solutions for wireless presentations. The first is to use a touchscreen, the second to use a projector. Both have different benefits, so read on to find out which will work better for you.

Wireless Presentation using Projection

We work with two major manufacturers, BenQ and Optoma. Both have systems that allow you to interact wirelessly with their projects. But both require some setting up prior to your presentation.  You must install either software or a plug-in to your device, and the software also needs to be installed on the PC which is connected to the projector.

Projectors are great for large-format presentations, as the laser diode light source allows for bright and clear images. However, projectors don’t have the necessary internal processing to control more complex software. While both BenQ and Optoma offer projectors as a wireless presentation solution, their touchscreens are a higher-quality solution.

Wireless Presentation using Touchscreens

In the past, touchscreens were overly expensive and their size couldn’t compete with whiteboard projection. But as touchscreen technology has developed, large 86-inch screens are common and within the budget of most of our clients. Touchscreens offer a complete package of features, with some devices having rolling updates as the developers introduce new features.

While BenQ and Optoma are our first port of call for commercial projection solutions, our preferred touchscreens come from Prowise. Prowise specializes in the education sector, so their touchscreens are a great fit for classrooms as well as boardrooms. We are a Prowise UK Partner, so can offer you great deals across their product range.

Unlike projectors, touchscreens don’t need any additional software or plug-ins to be used for wireless presentations. So, if you’re a teacher, a touchscreen will allow you to easily annotate and draw over your presentation. You can easily cast a PC, tablet, iOS device, or Chromebook to the screen simply using the pre-existing hardware. Our Prowise touchscreens come with the following apps pre-installed:

  • Airplay for iOS
  • Chromecast for Chromebooks
  • Miracast for Windows devices
  • Prowise Reflect for Windows, which allows not just wireless casting but the operation of the attached PC through the touchscreen.

The importance of your network

No matter which of our manufacturers you choose to go with and whether you choose a touchscreen or projector, the most important aspect of wireless presentation is your network. Your network must be fast enough to relay content between your device and the touchscreen/projector. In some instances, we’ve found that current technology has overtaken our clients’ infrastructure. So, it’s important to ensure your Wi-Fi network is up to scratch, to get the most out of your wireless presentation software.

It’s also worth noting that ports and domains need to be opened and accessible to allow the equipment to work.

Future-Proofing your System

We advise that you keep technology in your business or school as broad and forward-facing as possible. For example, you might currently mainly use Windows devices. In the future, you might want to branch out to using iOS and Chrome devices too. While some software, apps, and hardware favour one operating system over another, it’s safer to have a variety of options ready to use.

“Freedom to Present”: Wireless Presentation Hardware Solutions

Further to the “Freedom to Present” document, the following hardware is what we have tested to meet the criteria.

  • Large Display Screen 86” (2000 x 1220 x 113 mm)
  • Ability to mirror/cast devices wirelessly to the screen
  • Compatible with Windows, Chrome, and iOS
  • Ability to annotate any source displayed on the screen
  • No additional hardware outside of the touchscreen package
  • No additional software outside of touchscreen package to be purchased
  • Display Quality 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Sound system for delivering content 2.1 built-in soundbar
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Back up Inputs to Screen 3xHDMI, 1 x Display Port, 1 x VGA/Audio

Mounting a touchscreen in a modern classroom

Considering the large size of the display, the user should consider how they are going to use the hardware on a day-to-day basis. The screen itself is 1.2m high, so mounted on a wall there are things to consider. If the screen is mounted 1m off of the floor, the top of the screen is 2.2m from floor level. For example, this would be the top of a 5’10” person’s reach.

Prowise touchscreen to be used for wireless presentation

A flexible solution to this is to mount the screen on a wall lift, as the wall lift allows the user to alter the height of the screen, improving user accessibility.

Communicating via the internet

Each screen is equipped with a camera with a physical shutter for security and built-in microphones. Prowise Central Software currently includes Zoom and Skype, but there are plans to add Google Hangout, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams to this soon.

Typical Prowise Costs October 2020

Prowise 86” UHD Touchscreen                     £2475.00

iPro Wall Lift                                                     £675.00

Fixed Wall Bracket                                           £89.10

Prowise i5 Slot in PC (STF)                            £585.00

Call us for Delivery and Installation to your location.


Please note that the above prices are subject to VAT, and price changes due to Brexit in the coming months. We have been warned by Prowise as of October 2020 that prices may increase because Brexit is affecting the movement of goods and increasing shipping costs/cost of hardware.

The above costs include both the iPro Wall Lift and the Fixed Wall Bracket. If a classroom has a stud/single skin plasterboard wall to mount the screen on, the iPro Wall Lift transfers the weight of the screen into the floor, reducing the need to reinforce the wall.

The Prowise i5 PC is a Microsoft “Shape the future” slot-in PC that turns the touchscreen into a full windows PC/Tablet. There is an HDMI output from the slot in the PC that enables the teacher to have a personal monitor. This, together with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard can utilise the extended desktop for performing admin and other tasks.

If you have any further questions about our wireless presentation solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss these on 01743 241997 or use the contact form below.