PAT Testing

Every business uses electrical appliances of some kind, so PAT testing is vital. At Sound Innovations, we offer competitive PAT testing services to keep schools and businesses safe and compliant, in the most hassle-free way.

Seaward PAT Testing Appliance

What is PAT Testing?

PAT testing gives you peace of mind by identifying electrical faults and offering advice to make sure your business avoids dangerous accidents. A record of testing will help you with any insurance claims, and allowing you to avoid nasty fines. So, make sure you’re covered. Get in touch with us now for guidance and a free, no-obligation quote.

Your appliances will need testing according to how often they are used. For example, a kettle is moved about a lot and is used regularly, so should be checked often. If you have a duty of care, for instance, if you’re a school, then you should ensure your pupils’ safety by testing appliances often.

The Electricity at Work Regulations are in place to prevent death or personal injury caused by electrics in the workplace. Therefore, business owners without a record of safety measures will be liable in the event of an accident. So, you may fail to claim insurance without proof of safe practices. Sort out your PAT testing today, to make sure that you don’t get caught out. We are here to help.

Why choose Sound Innovations?

You should choose Sound Innovations as we are trusted by hundreds of UK schools and businesses, from small start-ups to large brands. This is because our testing is reliable, convenient, and safe. We use the latest test PAT testing equipment from the world leader, Seaward.

Even though we’re cost-friendly, we never compromise on safety. Our professional engineers are fully trained and will perform a thorough service, with an itemised report to prove your adherence to UK guidelines. To minimise the inconvenience to you, we’ll test all your appliances in one visit. We will need complete access to all of your electrical appliances across your site, so it’s best that we test outside of your regular working hours to minimise disruption to you. COVID social distancing regulations make this even more important. Got any more questions? Give us a call on 01743 241997.