Interactive Touchscreens

How can interactive touchscreens enhance my classroom presentations?Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive Touchscreens are becoming very popular for classroom presentations. This is because they make presenting easier and more dynamic. They add creativity to both teaching and learning.

Prowise Certified PartnerProwise Touch Screen Certified Partner

As a Prowise UK Partner we are proud to be Prowise Touchscreen Suppliers to the UK. Based in the centre of the UK we are ideally placed to be your Prowise Partner.

As a Prowise Partner we will work with you to ensure your Prowise experience is first class. We offer Prowise demonstrations before you commit purchasing Prowise solutions, then offer the complete package of installation of Prowise touchscreens. Once your Prowise touchscreens have been installed the market leading Prowise 5 year warranty is also looked after by our service staff should it ever be required. See the Prowise Touchscreen information page on our website


Interaction in the classroom

Interactive touchscreens make education easier and more enjoyable. This is because they enhance both group learning and one-on-one education. Digital activities can engage students that are struggling to focus on regular lessons. Touchscreens can also work as a tool for group projects, encouraging teamwork.

Having the internet at your fingertips means you can access all the online teaching materials you need. For example, students can interact with online learning games or pre-prepared materials. We also offer free teaching software packages. This allows teachers to prepare for lessons easily, no matter where they are.

Interactive touchscreen displays aren’t dimmed down by excess light. So unlike projectors, they can be used in any room. While projectors degrade over time and need servicing, interactive touchscreens are easy to maintain. Our touchscreens are also portable so they can be taken out of the way whenever is needed.

Changing the way we teach and learn

Interactive touchscreens can help students to develop “twenty-first-century skills”. Computer skills play a role in most jobs, and using technology to aid learning is a great way to give students a head start in this area. By taking part in group projects, students learn to share their ideas effectively. Therefore, using interactive touchscreens to turn lesson objectives into group activities or projects is a great way to introduce these skills to pupils.

The best viewing experience

Our interactive touchscreens for teaching have top of the range features. For example:

  • 4K Ultra HD Panels for the best viewing experience.
  • A free motion camera.
  • Amazing colour accuracy.
  • 5 years of free software updates are included, to keep your touchscreen running at its best.
  • Touchscreens can also be used with your current PC or tablet
  • All touchscreens come with a 5-year warranty, giving you long-term support.
  • Additionally, free teaching software for all teachers.

Interactive touchscreens start at £1350 plus VAT. For a detailed quote, please contact us. Our team has extensive experience working in the education sector, and we can provide you with much more than just touchscreens. Check out our Education homepage to explore the services that we provide to schools and colleges. To view up-to-date case studies of our work, you can check out our blog.