Immersion Rooms

What is an immersion room?

So, what exactly is an immersion room? They are designed to provide a visually engaging experience, using equipment such as video walls to fully immerse you. Immersion means different things to different people, and our team is dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

What are immersion rooms used for?

Because of their versatile nature, immersion rooms are suited to many different spaces and purposes. We mainly work with special needs schools on projects like this. Many of our clients are looking to create a space that will calm students and help them feel more comfortable in their learning environment. But immersion rooms can also be used as design labs, for advertising, or any other purpose that you can imagine.

Why choose to work with Sound Innovations?

We can work with any space or budget, to create a unique immersion room for you. We offer cost-effective solutions, making the most of free resources, and avoiding ongoing license charges.

Our experienced team will create a bespoke specification, custom to you. In order to do so, we will discuss your requirements with you in detail. This will ensure that the finished product achieves all of your aims, and is suitable for the use envisaged.

We can work with any space or budget, to suit your needs. Our solutions are cost-effective, as we make full use of free visual materials, so that we can avoid ongoing license charges.

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