ISCVE Accreditation

ISCVE Accreditation: Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers

We are fully qualified to install audio and visual products and offer a wide range of services. Find out more about the work we do, here.

Our Managing Director Rob Mulliner is a senior technician, with over 25 years experience in audio visual installation. Rob earned his ISCVE accreditation through extensive experience and provided case studies of his work to the Institute. We also publish up-to-date case studies on our blog. In addition to our case studies, we also publish references from previous clients. So, as a new/potential client, you can get a full picture of the high-quality work we have already completed.

The systems that we supply are Rob’s own designs and conform to the ISCVE’s code of conduct. For example, School Bell and ALAS were innovated in-house to suit the needs of our clients. The School Bell PA System was created to fit the requirements issued to us by a school. Since then, the system has been incredibly popular with schools across the country.

Thanks to the success and popularity of School Bell, Sound Innovations reached the finals of the BETT Awards 2017.

What is the ISCVE?

Established in its earliest form in 1948, the Institute of Sound Communication & Video Engineers has a long history of adding value to sound and communication businesses.

ISCVE Logo AUdio & Visual Excellence

The Institute is responsible for creating an industry standard, to which professionals aspire to achieve and maintain. Part of their work is providing training events throughout the year, to allow for personal and business development. Additionally, the Institute runs regular networking events so that members can meet up and learn from each other.

You can find out more about the ISCVE on their official website.

Staff Training and the ISCVE

Whenever Sound Innovations takes on new staff, we offer on-the-job training. We make use of Continuing Professional Development (CPD sessions) to keep employees up to standard. Once employees are at a confident level, we enroll them with the ISCVE. All employees are issued with the ISCVE code of conduct, as a guideline for future works.