RAAC in School Buildings AV Help.

RAAC in School Buildings AV Help

We have been made aware of the situation regarding RAAC in School Buildings, by some of our existing schools and colleges and the media. This situation where some schools have had to close and are looking for alternative classrooms rather than moving to online learning has caused them to get in touch for us to either move their classroom Audio Visual provision to the new location or to provide them with new portable Interactive Screens or Whiteboards.

What is RAAC in School Buildings?

The government has ordered 104 English schools, nurseries and colleges with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) to close affected buildings immediately until safety measures, such as propping up ceilings, are introduced. This is because there are concerns that RAAC is prone to collapse.

How can Sound  Innovations Help you with RAAC in School Buildings.

We have experience in supplying Interactive screens to school where the location is temporary due to flooding, fire or in this case RAAC. We can source interactive screens with built in speakers and all the necessary interfaces for the teachers devices. Our engineers are ECS certified to operate safely on construction sites and with our dedicated Health and safety team we can al ensure risk assessments are carried out if required.

What Interactive Teaching Screen Brands Can we supply to you.

We are suppliers of BenQ, Prowise, CTOUCH, Clevertouch, SMART, Newline  & Iiyama. Our suppliers are ready to assist us in helping you.

How to get help with RAAC in School Buildings from Sound Innovations.

Get in contact with us immediately, we will need to know:

  • How many Classrooms you are moving to a temporary location
  • The location of the temporary classrooms
  • The Brand of screen you are currently using or would like to use for teaching
  • If the Screens need to be on mobile trolleys or if they are to be installed on wall brackets in the temporary location.
  • If you have any other Audio Visual requirements e.g. temporary school hall due to RAAC.

RAAC Resourses: updated 1/9/2023


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