Prowise UK Partner

Prowise TouchscreenAs a Prowise UK Partner we are proud to be Prowise Touchscreen Suppliers to the UK. Based in the centre of the UK we are ideally placed to be your Prowise Partner.

As a Prowise Partner we will work with you to ensure your Prowise experience is first class. We offer Prowise demonstrations before you commit purchasing Prowise solutions, then offer the complete package of installation of Prowise touchscreens. Once your Prowise touchscreens have been installed the market leading Prowise 5 year warranty is also looked after by our service staff should it ever be required.

Prowise partners can also offer service packages to ensure your Prowise solution is maintained during its life allowing us to keep your Prowise products in good working order, making sure you are on the latest version of the Prowise Central firmware and proactive maintenance is carried out.

Prowise Certified PartnerAs a Prowise UK Partner we are also an authorised Prowise Reseller. This means we can supply to the following:

  • Suppliers on Education Technology Framework RM6103
  • UK companies wishing to supply Prowise touchscreens to Business or Education
  • Wholesale or Distribution in the UK that require Prowise Solutions to sell into their market
  • Multi Academy Trusts MAT that are looking to unify their technology.

Prowise Touchscreen liftProwise offer touchscreens and additional solutions that fit into many working environments from industry to education, to this end there are many Prowise mounting solutions. They offer; Prowise Fixed Wall Bracket, Prowise Wall Lift, Prowise Mobile Lift, Prowise Tilt Lift and Prowise Toddler Lift. The Prowise Tilt and Toddler Lift systems allow you to have the touchscreen vertically and then angle it all the way to horizontal for collaborative work or education. The Tilt and Toddler Lift work with the Prowise 55″ Touchscreen and the Prowise 65″ Touchscreen. This combination of Prowise solutions can ensure accessibility to work and presentation environments for all.

All of the Prowise Touchscreens in the range are 4K Ultra HD with IPS Technology and Anti-glare Pro that offers a 178 degree viewing angle providing visibility for everyone. Prowise Touchscreens have a fully integrated Dolby Certified 2.1 soundbar. This means crystal clear sound in the room without the need for external amplification and speakers. There are four wide area microphones built into the Prowise Touchscreen that can be used with Skype and other VoIP applications for collaboration and virtual meetings.

Prowise Prowrite inkProwise touchscreens also have built in annotation system called Prowise Prowrite ink. This allows the user to use the screen as a standard whiteboard for making notes during group work, or this can be used as an annotation tool over any source input to assist with presentations. The Prowise Pens (2 included with every touchscreen) are compatible with Prowise Prowrite ink, Prowise Presenter and Windows ink (Windows 10)

If you wish to use the Prowise Touchscreen to mirror your device and present from any location in your environment, each screen has Airplay, ChromeCast, Miracast and Prowise Reflect built in to enable you share your device to the screen.

Turning the Prowise Touchscreen into a PC is extremely easy with the Prowise PC Modules. These powerful PCs simply slot into the side of the screen and can be connected to your network via Ethernet cable or by WiFi.

Prowise Reseller

If you are a reseller to the end user or reseller to education please contact us for Prowise reseller pricing to enable you maximise your opportunity with your customer. We will also offer Prowise Touchscreen and Prowise Mobile Lift delivery to your office or customers site. We also offer Prowise Touchscreen Installation for your customers if this is something you do not do yourselves.

If you are on an education framework or tendering for an opportunity that includes Prowise Touchscreens we will by return offer you reseller pricing to maximise your opportunity. We will also offer Prowise Installation and Prowise Delivery should you or your client require this.

Prowise Installation

We are experts in Prowise Installation for Prowise Touchscreens and Prowise Mobile Lift and Prowise Wall Lift systems. If you require a quotation for the supply and installation of Prowise Touch Screens into your business, school or college. Prowise installation is performed by enhanced DBS certified installers with experience to ensure the job is carried out safely and to the highest standard.

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