School Hall Staging

Staging for your School from Sound Innovations

We provide school hall staging and decks suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Our products are perfect for school plays, fashion shows, and conference podiums.

School Hall Staging Solutions Sound Innovations

Anti-slip School Hall Staging

An anti-slip layer, handrails, stairs, and other features provide easy access and safety.  Moreover, our stage platforms have a range of height adjustable legs and risers.  Another handy feature is their rubber feet and cross beams, to ensure stability.

Lightweight Platforms

The staging is constructed of lightweight, waterproof aluminum sections.  Therefore, they’re easily transportable and durable. The staging units can be joined together to create your desired stage platform.

The staging systems are extremely strong and have a maximum load of 500kg-750kg per metres squared.  Also, our staging platforms are exceptionally light and easy to set up and move, at a weight of roughly 12kg to 29kg.

If you want to know more about our staging units or would like a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us.