School Stage Lighting Systems

Our team at Sound Innovations are specialists in installing and designing school stage lighting systems. We offer both traditional tungsten and LED stage lights. LED lights have proved increasingly popular for day-to-day use. We find schools use them to light halls during assemblies, and for after-school activities like dance and fitness.

If you need a new lighting system fitted into your school hall, auditorium or drama studio, we can offer you a complete package. Or if your system only needs an upgrade, get in touch and we will see what needs doing. If you’re also in need of a new projector or sound system, we would also be happy to provide these.

Whether you’re a school or not, if you need a new lighting system, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us┬áto find out how we can help you.

School Stage and Drama Studio Lighting

iPad Controlled Stage Lighting

Sound Innovations offer many ways to control your lighting system, from brands like Zero88, Chauvet Lighting, Elation Stage Lighting, Chamsys, and many more. We will offer you the perfect control system to suit your school stage lighting system. Our lighting systems can also be made to suit the needs of GCSE Drama students. Our new iPad controlled stage lighting systems have proved very popular, thanks to their easy-to-use interface.

Servicing of Stage Lighting

Sound innovations are contracted by local councils to service and maintain stage lighting systems. This includes:

  • Cleaning stage lighting bars & fixtures
  • Fixed electrical testing of stage lighting systems
  • PAT testing of stage lighting fixtures and bars
  • Inspection of Lighting Bar Suspensions

Call us on 01743 241997 or fill in the service contact form, so that and we can arrange a service and maintenance visit for you.