Stage Hardware and Accessories from Doughty Engineering

We are thrilled to announce that we have become an authorised dealer for Doughty Engineering, a world-leading manufacturer of rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment for the film, TV, and theatre industry. Our partnership with Doughty allows us to offer an extensive range of high-quality products to entertainment professionals.

From stage lighting clamps to curtain tracksstudio railstank trapspantographsboom armsbrackets, and transporter trolleys, we can now provide it all. Our commitment to outstanding customer service and adherence to the highest sta  ndards have solidified our position as the go-to brand for entertainment projects.


Unlike cheaper imitations flooding the market, Doughty products guarantee unparalleled quality and standards. Every item is meticulously designed and manufactured in-house at our factory in Ringwood, Hampshire, UK. So, remember: if it doesn’t bear the Doughty name on the outside, it’s not truly Doughty on the inside!

If you would like to find the right product for your project, please visit Doughty Engineering and locate you product codes and then drop them in the form below for us to get a quotation straight back to you. If your project is urgent please call us on 01743 241997 once you have hit send on the form.


Popular products we get asked for from Doughty Engineering:

T63710 Six Track Straight Sections)

T63735 (Six Track 45 degrees Curves)

T63748 (Spigot Plate)

T63751 (Short Support Bracket)

T63765 (Bolt on End Plate)

T84105 (Studio Rail Slotted Wall Brackets 200mm)

T63756 (Ball Raced Runner)