AV System

Custom AV Systems for Meeting Rooms

Is your current AV system meeting your requirements? Do you have to turn the lights off to see a projected presentation? Is the audio muffled, or distorted? Are your hearing-impaired colleagues struggling to join in with presentations?

There could be a few reasons why the AV equipment in your meeting room isn’t up to scratch. We can create a space which can be easily used by all staff, to host dynamic presentations. Having the proper equipment can help your meetings to run more smoothly, by ensuring that everything is easy to use and in proper working order.

We can provide a complete AV solution, including:

Board Room AV System

  • Large, anti-glare Prowise touchscreens (and other Brands) – for interactive and versatile presentations.
  • High brightness projectors – no need to turn the lights off.
  • LED large format screens for easy, enjoyable viewing.
  • Stylish speaker systems – for high-quality audio.
  • Hearing loops – accessibility for all staff.

We aim to make these systems easy to use with wired or wireless connectivity (whichever you prefer), using systems like Airplay, ChromeCast, MiraCast, and Prowise Reflect to name a few. No more fiddling around with outdated equipment, figuring out how to connect your laptops to your screens or projectors!

How to get your AV System started

Contact us today. Provide us with as much information about your requirements for the project, and we will arrange a meeting with you yo see the space and work out the best way to achieve your vision.

We then research the correct product direct from the manufacturer and then develop your system to offer you your unique specification and costs. On top of providing your audiovisual products, our expert engineers will install your complete AV system. Should you require maintenance or staff training for your new system, we will gladly provide this too. We take pride in supporting our clients both throughout and beyond installation.