Hearing Loops

Hearing or Induction Loops

We supply, install and maintain Induction/Hearing Loops. With over 20 years of experience, we design each system for the hard of hearing specifically for your venue.

Induction/hearing loops make hearing easier while eliminating background noise. We commonly fit hearing loops into houses of worship, village halls, meeting rooms, golf clubs, and school halls. These are mainly public spaces where universal access to the talks and events is key. You can find out more about the wide variety of sectors we work in here.

Without a hearing loop, hard of hearing persons are excluded from any events taking place. There is legislation in place that you should consider if you hold public meetings and/or want to include persons with hearing aids.

Counter Hearing Loop

Just as the name suggests, these are normally located at the reception or a counter of a public use building or business. For instance, you can find these at GP and dental surgeries, banks, and other places. Counter hearing loops are useful when the public need to converse with an employee on a one to one basis.  Having a counter hearing loop fitted is good practice to ensure that your business is accessible to all.

Servicing of Hearing Loops

If you are unsure how effective your induction loop is, or if you are unsure whether it’s functioning properly,  Sound Innovations can test and certify your system. If there are issues we will explain what they are and attempt make adjustments on site, or work with you to rectify them.

Please either call us on 01743 241997 or fill the form in below. We will contact you to assist you with your hearing loop system.