Servicing a video wall in Manchester

team member servicing video wallWe were asked to service a video wall at St Patrick High School in Salford, Manchester. Their system was made up of 4 by 55-inch panels. It was no longer working, having been installed over 5 years ago. The system used a VGA laptop connection, and a Bright Sign digital signage module via an HDMI connection. However, the school was using an old laptop which had no HDMI port. This was limiting their use of their video wall.

We started by testing the AV: Link HDMI distribution box with our service laptop. This brought video and sound onto the screens. The client then told us that they’d never heard a sound come from the system before now. Next, we tested the VGA distribution, and there was no signal. When we reported this back to the School Business Manager, they requested that we remove the faulty VGA. Finally, we installed a new HDMI connection for the PC and provided an HDMI switch. This switch can route the school’s PC to the video wall.

In total, this service call took 5 hours. We had two team members on the job, and they completed it on the day. All of the old system’s VGA equipment was removed, and a new HDMI service was connected. When the screen system was reassembled and tested, it was fully functioning. As a result, our client can use their video wall to its full capability.

Does your video wall need a service?

If you’re having difficulties with your own video wall, then get in touch with us for a service. We will be happy to provide you with fast, high-quality technical support. Perhaps you don’t have a video wall, but think your school or business would benefit from one. We don’t just service video walls, we also supply them. Find out more on our product page, or contact us for a quote.