Servicing a video wall in Manchester

team member servicing video wallWe were asked to service a video wall at St Patrick High School in Salford, Manchester. Their system was made up of 4 by 55-inch panels. It was no longer working, having been installed over 5 years ago. The system used a VGA laptop connection, and a Bright Sign digital signage module via an HDMI connection. However, the school was using an old laptop which had no HDMI port. This was limiting their use of their video wall.

We started by testing the AV: Link HDMI distribution box with our service laptop. This brought video and sound onto the screens. The client then told us that they’d never heard a sound come from the system before now. Next, we tested the VGA distribution, and there was no signal. When we reported this back to the School Business Manager, they requested that we remove the faulty VGA. Finally, we installed a new HDMI connection for the PC and provided an HDMI switch. This switch can route the school’s PC to the video wall.

In total, this service call took 5 hours. We had two team members on the job, and they completed it on the day. All of the old system’s VGA equipment was removed, and a new HDMI service was connected. When the screen system was reassembled and tested, it was fully functioning. As a result, our client can use their video wall to its full capability.

Does your video wall need a service?

If you’re having difficulties with your own video wall, then get in touch with us for a service. We will be happy to provide you with fast, high-quality technical support. Perhaps you don’t have a video wall, but think your school or business would benefit from one. We don’t just service video walls, we also supply them. Find out more on our product page, or contact us for a quote.

SWB Academy Testimonial

Testimonial Review of Sound Innovations’ School Bell System

by Lee Thompson, Deputy Facilities Manager at SWB Academy

Equipment / Service Provided:

School Bell System (campus wide)
Lockdown Alert (Safeguarding)

Review / Testimonialschool bell system

Rob was very professional at all times. He explained how the School Bell System’s features worked before it was presented to our staff, SLT and governors. Also, we regularly called each other to go over any instructions. And no matter what time of day it was, he would get back to me.

Once the system had been set up, we did not need to touch it again. But, if we had needed to make changes, they could be made easily by any staff member.

The Sound Innovations team will work around your schedule for installation, as they are very flexible for working out of hours. Moreover, any issues can be resolved over the phone or on site with immediate effect. I would highly recommend Sound Innovations, and their system has been a great help to our academy.

Lee Thompson
Facilities Manager
SWB Academy

If you would like to know more about our School Bell System, see our product page here. You can also check out our ALAS Lockdown Alert System, which comes with similar features. Contact us today for a free quote.

Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary School

Sound Innovations Testimonial Review

by Jonathon Hobday Deputy Headteacher Micklehurst at All Saints CE Primary School

Equipment / Service Provided:

Review / Testimonial

Sound Innovations have completed work in our school twice. The first time was for the installation of a new sound and visual system in the school hall. During this work, they installed new speakers, a screen, projector and a sound deck. The second time that the team worked with us, we had a new School Bell System installed. This included a control system in the school office, as well as speakers in all classrooms and at other agreed points throughout the school site, both internally and externally.

Everyone I have had contact with at Sound Innovations has always been of the greatest help. As company director, Rob has always been very helpful and discussed products in detail with us. Also, the installation team have been superb. All work has been completed quickly and effectively. And, where necessary, changes have been made to ensure the best outcome for us as a school.

Sound Innovations have provided absolutely superb support and customer service. The products installed have been of the highest quality and have had a significant impact on school life. The company have provided excellent advice, support and direction during each stage of the two projects they have worked with us for. I would have no hesitation in recommending them, as we are thrilled with the work they have completed in our school.

Jonathon Hobday
Deputy Headteacher
Micklehurst All Saints CE Primary School

Primary School installations of AV equipment

Willow Tree Primary Testimonial

Sound Innovations Testimonial Review

by Ross Munro, Headteacher at Willow Tree Primary School

Equipment/Service Provided:

  • School Bell System
  • Supply of hall projector
  • Installation and maintainance of school hall projector
  • Supply of laptops


sound innovations testimonial by willow tree primary salford

Sound Innovations are always responsive to our school’s needs.

They have proved themselves to be a reliable company to work with, as they have completed a number of projects in our school. For example, they have installed a School Bell System, and on another occasion, they replaced our hall projector.

So, I would highly recommend their services.

Ross Munro
Willow Tree Primary School

If you’d like to learn more about our School Bell System, then click here. Or, you could check out our sister site, dedicated to our innovative class change technology.

Could your school benefit from new technology, whether it be new hall lights, a PA system or simply some new laptops? We can provide all of this, and more. Check out our Education homepage, or get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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